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Things You Should Consider Before Buying an Appliance for your Smart Home

Today, the world is so innovative, devices that would help us make our life easier and connected. Now, a lot of companies are producing new products almost every month. You are thinking of upgrading your home appliances and wanted to have a smart home. Buying a new appliance is like renovating your house, there are a lot of choices available from the market which could overwhelm us in choosing all of these products, which is good for you and your family. 

 Sometimes, having a sophisticated thing cannot give us a benefit at all, depending on how you use it and who uses it. New technology and new features are always in the market, you should always weigh in what appliance would be a good one to buy. You always looked on the internet what is the new product today, that is a good thing! A lot of articles are available on giving you a guide before buying or upgrading your appliances. 

Below are some things you should consider before buying your new appliances: 

1. How much is your budget? 

?You might be buying a new appliance probably because the old one is not functional, or might be because you wanted to upgrade your appliance, but should always put your budget into consideration before buying or upgrading a new one. Always make a budget plan, and create a list of items that you need most in your home and what appliance you wanted to upgrade so that you will keep in track of what is important. Before buying, think for the long term, can this item be still functional after 5 years? Or 10 years? And How long you wanted to use this appliance? If it is not for a long term, then it is not ideal to invest for a big amount on that high-end model, and there are a lot of models or varieties to choose from with almost the same feature as the high-end and expensive one; because every month or every year, they are also upgrading the feature. 

2. Also do research 

?Before buying or upgrading to the new one, always conduct research and comparison. Don’t just believe right away what the dealer or the brand agent has discussed with you, it is better if you already know the product specification before diving in with that. And most importantly, do not impulse buy! Do a comparison with all the same products and features, some brands have the same features but with a lower cost. You can search for all the products on the internet and features and reviews are already posted. 

3. Make a wise decision 

?Yes, as discuss above, there are a lot of available products with the same features but at a lower cost. Always consider what you need in your appliances before investing in, sometimes, smart appliances are not user-friendly, especially with the older one, some of it has a complexity to use. Be smart in buying a smart appliance in your home. 

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Benefits of Having a Smart Home System

Have you always wanted to occupy a smart home? To live in a house that is as easy to communicate with as communicating with the person next to you?  Now you don’t have to worry, because technology has made it possible. 

So, what is home automation? 

Home automation also known as a smart home technology is using technology in order to gain easy control over your home. This system allows you to control almost everything that is in your home through the internet of things or IOT. This has started because of the thermostat and has been a growing development since then. 

So, it might puzzle you how this works. This system works through electricity, some radio waves and of course wireless technology. However, there are ways on how it can be controlled. Some through a central hub, some through an app and some through something you always carry around, your smartphone  

  • Central hub: Central controlled systems are mounted to a wall like what you commonly see as security systems at home but it can also be freely accessed through a remote control or even your smartphone and computer. However, this system can sometime limit you to a pairing system and sometimes if a device is not paired, you won’t gain access or control. 
  • App: Some prefer an application based technology which can communicate to everything in the cloud. A wireless connection is a must in order to connect with an application-based system and through Wi-Fi, you can communicate with your home automation system at your home even when you’re away. 

Through home automation, you can expect a better way of controlling your appliances. Some of the basics are: 

  • Speakers: Everyone is in need of their own jam nowadays and the easiest way to listen to your kind of jam especially when cooking in the kitchen is having a smart speaker. Some access this through voice control and you can definitely cook better with the right jam on. 
  • TVs: Everyone is a fan of movies and the easiest way to gain access to the craziest TV shows is through a smart TV. Having a smart TV that is connected to the cloud gives you more options on your TV shows. So if you are a movie freak, you should start thinking on your investments now. 
  • Thermostats: Smart thermostats not only help you monitor the temperature of your home but it also saves a lot of money. You will avoid any shocking bill starting today if you invest in your smart home. 
  • Plugs: Smart plugs also help you save money. In this way you can easily turn on and off an appliance that is plugged through. 
  • Light: When it comes to security and comfort, light control is your best bet. Besides power saving, you can also track if your lights are on or turn them on or off if needed. 
  • Door Bells: You can ditch your old door bells that sometimes get played on by your neighbor’s kids; a video doorbell helps you with your security because you’ll be seeing who is on your doorstep. 
  • Vacuums: We are a tired generation. We do not have time to crawl around just to get that floor sparkly; having a vacuum that’s smart enough to go into nooks and corners out of our reach is the best way to ease the stress of cleaning up. 

So, if you have any need to get that smart home dream right now, dare to connect with smart home Perth today and book an appointment through their website. Start choosing smart today! 

Smart Remote Control: Your Every Access on Hand

As a child, have you ever dreamed of getting control over everything in one remote? I did. Smart remote control has control over your television as much as it has control over your door locks and your lights. I know that your home has a lot of remote controls lying around, some maybe for your stereo system, some for your lighting, then for your thermostat and another for your television. Having a lot of remote controls can even give you a headache if you’re like me who forgets easily on where it has been put before I went to get a glass of water. 

These days, time is a luxury and the last thing you want to waste that time with is looking for a lot of remote controls. However, through a smart remote control, you can leave the hustle of finding a lot of remote controls. You can definitely control just anything that you can imagine if you have a smart remote control.  

So, what part of my home can I take control of if I invest in a smart remote control? 

  • Thermostat: You can always check your heating or cooling system even when you’re not at home when you try and invest in a smart remote control. This does not merely provide you a means to check in on the temperature without hassle but it can also save you energy leading to lesser electricity bill. 
  • Television: If you are a movie person and a couch potato at the same time, I’m pretty sure you’ve lost your remote control more than a dozen of times. Having a smart remote control can be in different forms, it can be something bigger than your normal remote control, have a lot of buttons or something a tech savvy would prefer, touch screen and voice controlled. So, if you are someone who’s tired of leaning in your couch just to look for your tv’s remote control, think twice and invest in a smart remote control and have your remote control hear which channel you want. 
  • Lights: Lights are often forgotten as well but your lighting system not merely helps you see in the dark but it also helps you deter any possible theft. Through a smart remote control, you can control your lighting system even when you’re far away from home thus keeping your home protected.  
  • Security system: Your security system not only involves your door locks but also every footage your cctv captures inside and outside your home. This does not only help you lock your doors by tapping on your screen but it also helps you monitor your home wirelessly. 

So, if you are someone who likes doing everything in a flick of a finger, then you are up to a very good deal invest in a smart remote control now and let smart home Brisbane do the work for you. Connect with them through for more details or if you want to book an appointment. Now that you have access to someone who is especially knowledgeable in a smart remote control, I hope you are more confident in protecting not just your home but your comfort as well.  

Keep Your Investment Safe and Protected with Smart Security

As someone with a hectic day, we can sometimes forget to check if we left our apartments or homes locked and this can sometimes give us more than headaches because it disturbs our day’s schedule by going back and forth for our home’s security purposes. While we live mostly with our jobs first in mind in this modern world that requires us to make work our primary goal, we need to be reminded that our homes are our investment and a break away from our sometimes stressful work sphere and it is something worth keeping safe and protected. 

There are a lot of ways you can keep your home protected like buying the most trustworthy lock or having many pets to keep your home guarded from possible burglars but why would you go through a lot of trouble to buying a very expensive lock when a smart security system would be a more wise investment for the long run. 

A smart security system can help you in many ways like providing you alerts for any possible threats, providing you a surveillance even while you’re at work or you’re dream vacation and preventing any break-ins and burglars. 

Here are some ways a smart security system can help you protect the investments you made: 

  • Security Cameras: Security Cameras are how you are able to see what’s happening in all areas of your home eve when you are away. Security cameras should not just help you monitor what’s inside your home but what’s outside as well. IP cameras are security cameras built to withstand your outdoors. These cameras are proven to be durable even with possible drizzle from strong rains, so you don’t need to worry about replacements every now and then. Through security cameras, your security is at your hands and at your convenience. 
  • Mockupancy: Mockupancy is a system that records your lighting and video entertainment activities when you’re at home and using your light and tv. The best thing about mockupancy is it keeps the burglars away through playing a recording of your activities when you were at home and copying a state of when you were at home thus it feels like your home has an occupant even when you are not home.  
  • Smart locks: Smart locks give you more confidence than your typical door locks. Sometimes we forget to lock our doors and it can be a hassle to spend travel time to and fro just to check the locks. When you have smart locks, you can access it thru your phone or thru an app and you are free to ditch the travel time of going back to your apartment.  

Do you want your home safe? Of course! Every one of us wants our home protected because our homes are one of the things we invested in the most. When you want to get help in an easier way of keeping your investment protected, connect with smart home Melbourne and they will be with you right away. Check on their website so you can avail on their services. Don’t worry! Your home’s safety is on top of their priority as much as it is yours. 

Smart Lighting System: Save Energy for Your Home and for Yourself

Have you been on the lookout to improve your home? Do you have an interest in making your home smarter? I bet a smart home is undeniably on everyone’s bucket list. However, as a newbie in the smart home circle, maybe you’re trying to look for ways into how you can have better control on your home’s lighting system. 

Maybe you’re curious about how to start the automation and control of your lights or on what range can you truly modify if you invest in this system. Let me clarify first what a smart lighting system can do. 

Your smart lighting system is more than what you think as a luxurious light or a tap away app that is installed in your phone, it can be a part of the big picture but it is more than that. Your lighting system connects the lighting in your home to other functions you want in which you have control over. Your lighting system can be controlled through an app, a remote or even by your voice that has been programmed to be identified by the system your home is in. Having a smart lighting system can provide you more than the convenience of getting rid of your effort to get out of bed just to switch off the lights outside because you forgot to turn it off earlier. 

There are 2 basic types of a lighting system: 

  1. Centralized Lighting: This type of lighting is mostly used in newly built homes or homes that are in the process of renovation. This type of system is focused on connecting lights to a central location or hub that acts as the brain that controls any light connected to it. 
  1. Wireless Lighting: This is type of lighting system typically works the same way as the central lighting however the light switches are exchanged with smart switches and these smart switches will then wirelessly communicate to the central hub or controller of the whole system. 

So, your typical switch is turned on and off through how you make your way to the switch and click it however through having a smart lighting system you go beyond that and be comfortable in your seat when you have the desire to turn off your light or something more, like dimming your light because it’s too bright on the eyes. More than how you can control the range of brightness of your light, here is a list of why you should invest in a smart lighting system asap. 

  • Security: Your lighting system’s role can help you beyond letting you see things at night, it can also help you with preventing any burglars who are a fan of vacation homes that are empty. Lighting system has a mockupancy feature which technically copies the schedule of when you turn the lights on when you’re home even when you’re not. This can also be helpful for any homes, especially at times where you need to cater to work needs overnight.  
  • Energy Saving: Since you can customize the schedule of your lighting system, you can definitely save energy when you invest in one. Beyond light schedules, you don’t have to worry when you’re already at work and you forgot your lights are still on, you have a way to turn it off without the hassle of going to travel back. Moreover, smart lighting uses energy saving LED bulbs and is proven to use lesser energy compared to typical light bulbs. 
  • Mood Setting: Have you ever felt like drinking wine but the light’s too bright to set the mood? With a smart lighting system you have the privilege to dim or brighten your lights whenever you want to, so when you want to feel sentimental you don’t need to worry about your light ruining the mood. 
  • Voice Control: We often grab groceries after work and sometimes traffic can really drag the time so it’s dark when you get home. With hands full of groceries and darkness all over your apartment, it can be really hard to locate a light switch however having a smart lighting system will help you with that worry. Through voice control you can easily have the lights on without the hassle of putting down your groceries just to get to the switch.  

There are a lot of things a smart lighting system can be beneficial to you but if you want to know more home automation Sydney has got you covered. Check on their site to book yourself an appointment.