Have you always wanted to occupy a smart home? To live in a house that is as easy to communicate with as communicating with the person next to you?  Now you don’t have to worry, because technology has made it possible. 

So, what is home automation? 

Home automation also known as a smart home technology is using technology in order to gain easy control over your home. This system allows you to control almost everything that is in your home through the internet of things or IOT. This has started because of the thermostat and has been a growing development since then. 

So, it might puzzle you how this works. This system works through electricity, some radio waves and of course wireless technology. However, there are ways on how it can be controlled. Some through a central hub, some through an app and some through something you always carry around, your smartphone  

  • Central hub: Central controlled systems are mounted to a wall like what you commonly see as security systems at home but it can also be freely accessed through a remote control or even your smartphone and computer. However, this system can sometime limit you to a pairing system and sometimes if a device is not paired, you won’t gain access or control. 
  • App: Some prefer an application based technology which can communicate to everything in the cloud. A wireless connection is a must in order to connect with an application-based system and through Wi-Fi, you can communicate with your home automation system at your home even when you’re away. 

Through home automation, you can expect a better way of controlling your appliances. Some of the basics are: 

  • Speakers: Everyone is in need of their own jam nowadays and the easiest way to listen to your kind of jam especially when cooking in the kitchen is having a smart speaker. Some access this through voice control and you can definitely cook better with the right jam on. 
  • TVs: Everyone is a fan of movies and the easiest way to gain access to the craziest TV shows is through a smart TV. Having a smart TV that is connected to the cloud gives you more options on your TV shows. So if you are a movie freak, you should start thinking on your investments now. 
  • Thermostats: Smart thermostats not only help you monitor the temperature of your home but it also saves a lot of money. You will avoid any shocking bill starting today if you invest in your smart home. 
  • Plugs: Smart plugs also help you save money. In this way you can easily turn on and off an appliance that is plugged through. 
  • Light: When it comes to security and comfort, light control is your best bet. Besides power saving, you can also track if your lights are on or turn them on or off if needed. 
  • Door Bells: You can ditch your old door bells that sometimes get played on by your neighbor’s kids; a video doorbell helps you with your security because you’ll be seeing who is on your doorstep. 
  • Vacuums: We are a tired generation. We do not have time to crawl around just to get that floor sparkly; having a vacuum that’s smart enough to go into nooks and corners out of our reach is the best way to ease the stress of cleaning up. 

So, if you have any need to get that smart home dream right now, dare to connect with smart home Perth today and book an appointment through their website. Start choosing smart today!