Have you been on the lookout to improve your home? Do you have an interest in making your home smarter? I bet a smart home is undeniably on everyone’s bucket list. However, as a newbie in the smart home circle, maybe you’re trying to look for ways into how you can have better control on your home’s lighting system. 

Maybe you’re curious about how to start the automation and control of your lights or on what range can you truly modify if you invest in this system. Let me clarify first what a smart lighting system can do. 

Your smart lighting system is more than what you think as a luxurious light or a tap away app that is installed in your phone, it can be a part of the big picture but it is more than that. Your lighting system connects the lighting in your home to other functions you want in which you have control over. Your lighting system can be controlled through an app, a remote or even by your voice that has been programmed to be identified by the system your home is in. Having a smart lighting system can provide you more than the convenience of getting rid of your effort to get out of bed just to switch off the lights outside because you forgot to turn it off earlier. 

There are 2 basic types of a lighting system: 

  1. Centralized Lighting: This type of lighting is mostly used in newly built homes or homes that are in the process of renovation. This type of system is focused on connecting lights to a central location or hub that acts as the brain that controls any light connected to it. 
  1. Wireless Lighting: This is type of lighting system typically works the same way as the central lighting however the light switches are exchanged with smart switches and these smart switches will then wirelessly communicate to the central hub or controller of the whole system. 

So, your typical switch is turned on and off through how you make your way to the switch and click it however through having a smart lighting system you go beyond that and be comfortable in your seat when you have the desire to turn off your light or something more, like dimming your light because it’s too bright on the eyes. More than how you can control the range of brightness of your light, here is a list of why you should invest in a smart lighting system asap. 

  • Security: Your lighting system’s role can help you beyond letting you see things at night, it can also help you with preventing any burglars who are a fan of vacation homes that are empty. Lighting system has a mockupancy feature which technically copies the schedule of when you turn the lights on when you’re home even when you’re not. This can also be helpful for any homes, especially at times where you need to cater to work needs overnight.  
  • Energy Saving: Since you can customize the schedule of your lighting system, you can definitely save energy when you invest in one. Beyond light schedules, you don’t have to worry when you’re already at work and you forgot your lights are still on, you have a way to turn it off without the hassle of going to travel back. Moreover, smart lighting uses energy saving LED bulbs and is proven to use lesser energy compared to typical light bulbs. 
  • Mood Setting: Have you ever felt like drinking wine but the light’s too bright to set the mood? With a smart lighting system you have the privilege to dim or brighten your lights whenever you want to, so when you want to feel sentimental you don’t need to worry about your light ruining the mood. 
  • Voice Control: We often grab groceries after work and sometimes traffic can really drag the time so it’s dark when you get home. With hands full of groceries and darkness all over your apartment, it can be really hard to locate a light switch however having a smart lighting system will help you with that worry. Through voice control you can easily have the lights on without the hassle of putting down your groceries just to get to the switch.  

There are a lot of things a smart lighting system can be beneficial to you but if you want to know more home automation Sydney has got you covered. Check on their site smarthome-sydney.com.au to book yourself an appointment.